Air Hogs Connect: Mission Drone Review http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we review the new augmented reality drone from Air Hogs.

The Air Hogs Connect Mission Drone Sells for $149 on Amazon –

Take gaming into a whole new dimension with the Air Hogs Connect Augmented Reality Mission Drone! This augmented reality gaming platform blends real world remote control action with augmented reality gaming — enabling players to command RC vehicles inside deep virtual worlds. With endless levels for continuous play, the immersive experience never ends, even while your Drone is charging. Test your pilot skills as you fly through power rings, navigate between buildings and locate objects in this massive virtual world. Tackle competitive leaderboards and challenge your friends to Drone Missions. Air Hogs Connect puts you in the cockpit as you navigate through missions using an iPad or Bluetooth-enabled tablet (sold separately). Pilot your Mission Drone leading a team of heroes (including an Engineer, Firefighter and Commando) on multiple assignments as you rescue citizens, battle alien invaders and unlock secret upgrades and boosts. Immerse yourself in the virtual world of Air Hogs Connect with the Augmented Reality Mission Drone!