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Key Features…
Featuring an extremely light and compact foldable design, this drone can be efficiently carried around within your pocket
Shoot stunning 4K images and video with its intergraded 13MB camera
Packing the latest hardware and software, this premium drone lets you enjoy countless of unique features
Attach fun accessories such as a search light or a toy mini gun

Wingsland S6 4K Video Drone

With this amazing black version of the Winsland S6 drone, you will be able to take off and cruise through the skies in style. Featuring an ultra-slim design, this video drone is not larger than the palm of your hand and weighs no more than 230 grams – making it extremely portable. No matter where you’re headed, simply slide the high-end quadcopter into your bag and you’ll be able to conveniently carry it along wherever you go. Crafted out of tough ABS material, the Wingsland S3 video drone is not only highly portable but also extremely durable – taking away all your fears and worries about damaging your drone while transporting it or during your upcoming drone flight adventures.

Featuring an absolutely stunning 13MP camera that holds a 1/3.6-Inch CMOS sensor, this quad-copter is capable of shooting breathtaking 4K video and extremely detailed photographs at any given moment. Thanks to its wide-angle 117-degree lens, you will be able to record everything that happens in front of you – guaranteeing that not a single detail stays uncaptured while filming with this 4K video drone. Thanks to is powerful yet lightweight 1400mAh battery, the Wingsland S6 drone is capable of flying through the skies for 9 continuous minutes – providing you with more than enough time to reach any destination nearby and capture beautiful images from above.

As a true high-end drone, the Winsland S6 quadcopter comes along with an abundance of the latest specs and features that are currently available in the drone industry. Not only is this remarkable RC drone one of the most compact 4K video drones out there, it also features a highly accurate GPS, different flight modes, and in-flight support modes that make this quad-copter ideal for beginning and advanced drone pilots alike. Besides its beginner and normal flight modes, the Wingsland S6 RC drone furthermore features a course lock mode that brings along plenty of opportunities for high-end video shooting for all drone filmmakers out there. Its auto take-off and landing features additionally allow both beginners and advanced quadcopter pilots to operate this drone without any further difficulties and its return to home feature additionally assures that your RC drone will always find its way back to the controller in case it disappears out of sight or nearly runs out of battery.

Besides its abundance of in-flight modes and additional high-end drone features, the Wingsland S6 furthermore supports Wi-Fi – allowing you to instantly send all your recorded video and photographs to your laptop or smartphone. Additionally, its FPV feature lets you pair up your RC drone with your FPS goggles, allowing you to take your drone pilot experience to entirely new weights. With an effective flying range of 100 meters, this quadcopter will allow you to conquer the skies and undergo a first person view drone pilot experience like never before. In order to increase your experience even further, this 4K drone additionally allows you to attach a wide range of accessories such as a searchlight or toy mini gun – providing you with countless hours of RC drone fun and entertainment.