The E50 Pocket Selfie Drone is a great little inexpensive Camera Drone. The E50 is very stable and can be flown by just about any skill level, making this a perfect gift for younger children.


Realistically this is more of a Toy than a professional Camera Drone, please do not expect this to work and preform like a 1k drone 🙂 With that being said, you can fly and not worry about crashing since its hard to break, but easy to repair.

The E50 is controlled by an IOS or Android device and all the images and video are stored on the IOS / Android device. No SD card is needed.

Flips, Rolls, etc are a simple press of the 360 button then press the direction of Roll / Flip.

Battery life is about 5 mintues, but that goes by fast when having fun.

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