POCKET FRIENDLY FOLD-ABLE SELFIE DRONE. This is a nice little selfie drone for someone looking to have some fun but isn’t looking for pro video. I recommend you fly this with the WIFI Ufo app as JJRC is very buggy and has issues. I could not get sensor flying to work with jjrc app. I think that’s the best way to fly this if you are going to try to do selfie shots. But this quadcopter is limited to how much wind there is. It gets blown around very easily and really takes some practicing to learn how to compensate drifting. It can be a real task trying to just line the quad up for a good shot. It is a nice idea for a cheap selfie drone but keep in mind this is a toy. You wont be getting pro shots with this one. Overall it seems like a nice little novelty and portability is one of its biggest selling points. It does also take crashes really well as I did do a lot of crashing. Some times the props fly off after a crash and it can be a bit tricky trying to get motors to turn off with app. I found the jjrc app to be the best for wifi connection but wifi ufo app to be better for actually flying it but the lag was very bad when trying to record and line up a shot with that app. The quadcopter can do flips as well but I don’t know why you would want to be doing those especially with a shorter flight time. My main focus was just trying to get it to hover and get some shots. I think its a nice flyer indoors or no wind at all. But if there is any wind outside just keep this one in your pocket.

Get It Here: http://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopter…

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