For this Vlogging 101 with Matt, I take a look at the DJI Mavic Drone. I go over the benefits, some of the drawbacks and my overall opinion of the drone. I also shoot some beautiful city skyline along the way.

Some big positives of the MAVIC:
Mall Size
Phone Cable Integration
The props stay on when stored
The controller grips
collision avoidance

Some Negatives:
Controller covers the home button on the iphone
Touch to focus might be a problem if you forget to tap.

I did not do this as a paid endorsement of Mavic.. i just think it is awesome. If you do to.. i was able to get a link to Mavic thru DJI that gives everyone that clicks it thru this video a 5% discount! So if you decide to buy one… click here to redirect to the DJI store with the discount.

VLOGGING 101 with Matt is a video series about what I have learned in my time as a lifestyle daily vlogger. I go over filming techniques, equipment choices, editing, post production techniques tips and tricks that I hope will help you in making your vlog or video project. This will be a regular series, so subscribe to my channel or this playlist directly (…) to stay up on any updates. If you have any suggestions for future episodes, or comments in general, hit the thumbs up button and don’t forget to Subscribe!

MUSIC: Reflaction by David Cutter Music


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