You have never seen the subject of quadcopter “drones” and hair loss concealers in the same place…until now. In this episode I cover what you can do to deal with your hair loss NOW and how you can augment your existing hair transplant.

Hair “concealers” have been around for decades and they are the silent, secret weapon that millions of men AND women are using every day and each and every one of them are deathly afraid of being found out. They’re messy, inconsistent and they don’t always look natural. In fact, most of the time they look UNNATURAL.

So which hair loss concealer is the best and why? Which hair loss concealer is the worst and why? Find out in this first ever 4K Ultra HD presentation of Hair Transplant Class #5 – The “Drones & Hair loss” Episode!

Music by Nick Vivid
Album – Watch it Fly
Track – “Everybody’s Lost”…

Used under Creative Commons License……

Doctors I recommend because I’ve been to their clinics to review them?

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