OK so the Tiny QX-95 is the latest greatest Nano racing drone from Eachine.
It retails for $70 to $80 depending on the version you get.

Christmas sale: https://goo.gl/x3aYtB

Some of the improvements include an all in one flight controller/receiver, a tail light strip, and an improved all in one FPV camera/video transmitter. Banggood.com sells bind and fly versions that are compatible with Flysky, Frsky, and DSM2 transmitters. This means that you can bind it to almost any transmitter. The camera gets better range and better video compared to previous cameras on Eachine Nano racers. The flight characteristics are also much smoother and better than other Nano FPV racers from Eachine. The motors have plugs instead of being soldered directly to the flight controller which means that they can be replaced much easier compared to the motors of a QX90 or QX80.
The flight times are pretty good and the durability factor is fine, it’s a good improvement on previous racers and worth buying. I really enjoyed testing it and I think it’s a great little racer. The tail light strip is also very well programmed and extremely bright and easy to see so it will help during close races.

The frame is pretty strong and nicely designed, but the camera lens is offset from the center line by a few millimeters, it’s not enough to notice during flight but it is something to mention. It’s due to the fact that the camera and the antenna are so close to the rotors that it had to be off center or they would have had to redesign the camera and video transmitter.

All together I am really impressed and I really enjoy flying it.
I also enjoy that it comes with a duel battery charger, a single USB battery charger, and 2 batteries.

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