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Eachine RTF copters are normally terrible junk. But you all insisted that the Wizard X220 was where Eachine finally got it right. Stu over at UAVfutures even gave this copter his 2016 drone of the year award!

Who am I to say no to my audience? Let’s take a look at this copter.

I am reviewing the Plug-N-Fly version of this copter. This means that the copter comes WITHOUT a receiver. You have to provide your own receiver and transmitter. I’m doing this because the transmitter that came with the Eachine Falcon was so bad, so I wanted to use my own transmitter with the Wizard. I suggest you do the same.

For more about this copter, including how to install the receiver, how to flash to Betaflight and configure, and flight testing, check out the other videos in this playlist:…

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