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In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew reviews the Ghost Drone 2.0 from Ehang. The Ghost is unique among smartphone-controlled drones in that it uses an analog First-Person View (FPV) system to provide real-time, analog video to the pilot via a pair of video goggles. It also uses the smartphone’s integrated accelerometers and gyroscopes to control the drone’s pitch, roll and yaw, mimicking the movements of the phone in the pilot’s hand. This is what Ehang calls Avatar Mode, one of three flight modes available when flying the Ghost, along with Touch-And-Go and Waypoints – both of which allow the pilot to control the aircraft by tapping an interactive map on the smartphone’s screen. To unlock Waypoint and Avatar flight modes, the drone must successfully complete three flights in Touch-And-Go mode, and Internet access is required. The Ghost incorporates a three-axis gimbal with a 4K video camera for capturing aerial video.