The test pilot Mirko Cesena is Italian Master.In the video,he flied XJaguar with helicopter skills,and he said that XJaguar quad was just AMAZING Incredibly fast, quick and precise.Is it really the case?Yes,it must be.By the way ,the pilot is really handsome.

XJaguar is World’s Most “Extreme Sports” FPV Professional Racing Drone .

Core features of XJaguar:
1. The first 8 in 1 Tower structure patent technology with ESC, F3, transmitter.
2. 10:1 of thrust-weight ratio.
3. The fastest acceleration speed.
4. ROC 4S high efficiency 100 C battery.
5. FPV RunCam Swift HD lens.

Detailed introductions:
1. The first 8 in 1 Tower structure patent with Tower integration technology.
High-precision integrated: transmission + OSD + Flight controller + 4 in 1 ESC + PDB. Compact wire, lithe arms, flexible steering, fast and easy to tune parameters, enhancing flight efficiency, full crushing protection.
The board of transmitter + OSD: Real time image transmission with OSD with long distance is clear and stable. Compatible with most of cameras.

The board of flight controller: new F3 flight controller with cleanflight firmware, has been precisely finished tuning, flight stability with fast response. Support sbus, ppm, pwm.

The board of ESC: 4 in 1 ESC board compared with traditional 4 ESC is more compact and highly-speed. ESC’s control frequently is 18 KHZ, ensuring faster responding speed, precision technology, maximum load up to 4*30A.

2. Powerful propulsion system.
The maximum thrust of one motor is 1300g, and the total thrust-weight ratio is 10:1.
3. The fastest acceleration speed.
Fast & Furious, just enjoy the pleasant sensation.
4. ROC 4S 1300mAh 100C: battery with high rate discharging capability.
Contest dedicated, powerful, explosive strength, lasting endurance, perfect radiating.
5. Innovation aluminum leopard head design.
Not only for demonstrating the speed and power, but also for effectively heat dissipation and the isolation of the signal interference.
6. Orthodox X-type mainstream 4mm carbon fiber frame.
Small size, light weight, focused, high flight efficiency, flexible direction control, better crushing protection.
Setting up more than 250 colors, which is easier to identify the direction of the drones, flying at night even more gorgeous.
7. FPV RunCam Swift HD lens.
Performance is excellent at night, low light and backlight conditions.