Protection for your FPV Racing Quad or RC Drone. Following in the tradition of the MIA TUFF™ Landing Gear Upgrade kits we sold for Micro helis, we are offering these quad-copter crash guard bumper/lg kits for ALL FPV racing Quads Drones.


Well if you are anyone who flies drones regularly and have been into it seriously, you will have eventually crashed or destroyed some frames and some of the equipment. I fall also into this category, but I simply got tired of destroying my frames and the equipment they hold and decided that it was time to do something about it. I did not want something to obstructive and too bulky or heavy, ans so I decided to use what has been working for me in the past and in products that I designed for the original Helis and Upgrades I have been selling for years!. These parts were already proven but in a slightly different product, and I revamped them to also provide the same level of protection, in particular FPV racing quads and drones.

The bumpers are made from a super strong, lightweight and crash resistant material. I wanted to also keep some aesthetics to the upgrade and so I elected the proper hardware, similar to what I have been using in most of MIA Micro-FLIGHT Products, and to go along with the bumpers to make it easy to install on ANY quad-opter. The only requirement is the width of quad-copter or drone.

I have flown the living daylights of my racing drones with these MIA TUFF™ Drone Crash Guard Bumpers and they have saved me a lot of money in having to replaced Flight Controllers, ESCs, Motors, and Camera equipment, that otherwise would have been destroyed in a hard crash, as I was previously doing it without them.

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