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GB DIY drones series has only Top parts and also in GB130 we can find only best of the best parts. GB130 is super easy to build, I didn’t find any problems, whole build goes super smooth.

This drone is great for amateurs and pros, it has powerful motors and BiG Swift camera which can produce amazing video quality. Small size and small weight make this little drone fast and crash proof, I am sure that we can have great time crashing this one many times 🙂 .

Only ESC are to weak, because can work only with 3s battery :/ , but to unleash sleeping beast in GB130 we need 4s battery ( so for sure I will change these esc shortly ).

Next time I will test Gb130 , how fast it fly and is it really crash proof , so don’t forget to check my new videos.

Here you can find more info and pics:…

Frame: Gb130 ( true mini X frame, only this mini frame is ready to mount big FPV camera ).

Motors: Emax RS1306 4000KV ( This ones are Beasts, super small but can generate more than 500g of thrust on 3″ props)

ESC: DYS 10A ( this ESC are good but to weak for power hungry RS1306 )

FC: SP F3 DOF 5 ( simply great for betaflight )

FPV camera: Runcam Swift ( Beast CCD camera, this one is super expensive but is also one of the best )

FPV TX: OCDAY( small/light but power full, 40channels and power out can be switchable from 25mw to 600mw )

FPV antenna: Aomway ( great FPV antenna, this one will increase video singal and it’s ready for some crashes )


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