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In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew hears from Jaymo Kristian Jamieson of GoPro about the company’s Karma drone. Launched and then promptly recalled in 2016, GoPro plans to announce the re-launch of Karma in early February 2017. The problem, which caused the aircraft to periodically fall out of the sky, was the result of a loss of power caused by a faulty battery connector. The Karma comes complete with a backpack that includes the aircraft itself, along with a GoPro Hero5 sports camera, a gimbal, clamshell-type controller, battery, battery charger, handheld gimbal mount, plus tools and spare propellers. Jamieson claims that the aircraft can go from being folded up inside the backpack to being airborne in less than 60 seconds. Although the release date has not yet been set, the complete Karma package will sell for $1,099.