The ILIFE V7S Pro is the newest robot vacuum from Chinese manufacturer ILIFE. It is actually an upgraded version of the V7S that has a new water tank that ILIFE says has a pump that stops water from dripping when the robot is off.

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In this video I share the features, what’s inside the box and a cleaning test on bare floor.

For the cleaning test I added a few wrinkles. First would be adding dust bunnies and some hair to the oatmeal and powder mixture I normally use during the cleaning tests.

I scattered 70 grams worth and the V7S Pro was able to pick up around 65 out of the 70 grams but it took nearly 30 minutes to accomplish the task.

Disclaimer: I got this product in exchange for a free review and I’ll do my best to only publish objective reviews that show the strengths and weaknesses of each product based on the myriad of tests I do.

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