– Calibration for accelerometer and gyroscope
Bias of accelerometer and gyroscope varies depending on the temperature
Heading measurement comes from BNO055 sensor (No magnetometer)

– Horizontal complementary filter : Accelerometer (MPU9250) + Optical flow sensor (Pix4Flow)
X- and Y-axis body velocity only (No odometry information)
Sensor fusion (High-pass : linear acceleration, Low-pass : Pix4Flow sensor [Honegger et al, ICRA 2013] )

– Vertical sensing : Ultrasound sensor (Pix4Flow) + 1-D LiDAR (LidarLite)
Gate sensing by using the ultrasound sensor (wide range sensing)
Relative height by using 1-D LiDAR (point sensing)

– Base frame and Power system
DJI F450 durable frame with the prop guard
DYS D4215-650KV, 40A ESC and 11×4.7 [in.] Carbon prop.

– Takeoff weight and Duration
2,175 [g] and 10 [min.]
Li-Po battery : 14.8[V] 5,200[mAh] for thrust, 11.1[V] 1,300[mAh] for embedded system