JJRC H37 “Elfie” foldable ‘selfie’ drone. Good form factor making it easy to carry anywhere, altitude hold, gyro control via phone sensors, decent range for wifi, about 5 minutes of flight time. Unfortunately, flew away on me. (8:05) Before commenting, please read!

⚑ Update 6/2/2017

Since uploading this video, it’s received way more views and comments than I ever imagined. Thank you for that. I’d like to address some of the common points that have come up.

The important thing to take away from this experience is that if the connection to this drone is forcibly cut for ANY reason, it will keep going.

I watched Elfie for as long as I could get away from me. I never saw it just drop from the sky or even attempt to land itself. Even if the phone was still transmitting signal — my iphones wifi range isn’t that long to begin with. It should have disconnected and just fallen. I’m an experienced drone user and this is standard safety and general practice… JJRC has failed to do this.

✖ It does not matter what phone you use. Laugh all you want at the iPhone, but crashes or resets can happen with any phone on the market. When one does, your elfie WILL fly away.

✖ It doesn’t matter if you turn off mobile data. Mobile data and wifi don’t run on the same band at ALL. They don’t interfere with each other. This is a myth.

✖ It doesn’t matter if you forget your home wifi network. Ok, yes, it will definitely be better if you do this because when you fly the drone farther away from yourself, it will not drop the connection and reconnect to a “stronger” network nearby. Many have lost their elfie because of this, however, again, this would not be happening at all if it wasn’t for the lack of a failsafe to begin with!

Bottom line:

This drone does not have a good failsafe (hence my screaming BAD FAILSAFE, BAD FAILSAFE). And some people are perpetuating lies or sugar-coating this issue just to sell this to you.

I do honest drone reviews. Do you want a drone that doesn’t suck, won’t fly away on you, but is around the same price of the elfie?

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📹 Video Review Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjnTm…

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