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The first Indoor Micro Drone Racing Cup was held on last Sunday in Bremen/Germany. 12 Pilots flew against on this day. Only the 3 fastest pilots takes the final-race. I was one of them… and luckily won. 🙂
In this final race i flew against a graupner alpha, and a custom build with 8,5mm Motors. So my Tiny Whoop was the slowest Drone (as you can see during the race) and i had nothing too lose, i decided to fly more risky.
I hope there will come more events like this in the future.
The organisation crew did a gread job on this day.

Blade Inductrix Tiny Whoop Mod (Bad Antenna Signal on this day. 🙁 )
FX797T 25mW 600TVL Cam
Tuning Motor CL-0615-14
mylipo.de HV 4,35V 205mAh

DVR with Fatshark Dominator V2.

A short article in our local Newspaper: http://www.weser-kurier.de/region/wue…

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