Mini Orion HD 720p camera drone from World Tech Elite toys. I purchased this through QVC. It is a good flyer and while it feels flimsy, it has proven to be fairly resilient and can take light abuse. The included transmitter/controller is excellent. It also at first appears cheap, but is very precise and works well.

Video….the camera works well, but is only 2 megapixels. It does shoot in a 720p format, but colors are slightly washed and the video is shaky when the drone is flying. Because of the shaking in flight I would say the video is only useful for navigation using the included LCD screen that attaches to the transmitter. The LCD works great and is a nice addition.

Battery life is as you would expect for most video drones. 5 mins is about it with the included 650mah battery. The battery uses a standard JST connector, so higher capacity batteries are sure to increase flight time.

More videos of this drone in action to come. I have some outdoor footage that will soon be uploaded showing the video in flight.