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I decided to make a more in depth review for the MJX Bugs 3 after I made the previous unboxing (which you can find here:

I usually keep my reviews unbiased, and frankly there’s not many bad things I can say about this quadcopter. I love to fly it, and even if it’s not at a Phantom 4 level, I wasn’t even expecting it.

Even so, for the price you pay for it, it may just be my favorite brushless motor quadcopter. And for those of you who don’t know what a brushless motor is, just take note that it’s pretty much a very very powerful normal brushed motor that also lasts for longer, and that’s why it’s usually more expensive.Strong enough to carry a go pro and transform into quite a reliable camera drone.

Not going to talk more now, just enjoy the Bugs 3 review and buy it as soon as possible, srs!