Yes after the reaction we realized this was a joke/satire album. Upon first listen it was taken seriously as we would any other album because I (Alex Sandalis) specifically had no context on Pink Guy. Now thanks to you guys I understand the purpose of this album much more and the prolfic talent that George Miller has. Here’s our reaction/review to Pink Guy’s first album: + Some of Joji’s music:

I don’t even know what to say…we’ve never heard anything so terrible like this before..I can’t believe we had to listen to this piece of horse manure for 35 tracks and I had to edit it to for 3 hours. Shout out to +GamesBurro for suggesting this piece of trash to react to. This wouldn’t have happened if not for your comment. Your comments clearly have power in what we create. Also yes, even though we didn’t touch on it – we do realize its very purposefully satire poking fan at music and culture exaggerating stereotypes and stigmas. Pink Season, what an experience I can’t wait to never have again.

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