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If you purchase a QQ190 RTF racing drone, you want a great tune. Here’s my approach to developing the tune for this quadcopter. Of course you can just copy my PIDs, since your copter is identical to mine.

The copter’s electronics are: TBS PowerCube 2-in-1 BLHeli_S ESCs, Colibri flight controller, and FPVision OSD and vTX. The motors are T-Motor 2205/2400kv. Props are “Skitzo” branded HQ5x4x3.

The copter is available from:

Here are the relevant parts of my command-line dump if you want to transfer them to your copter. It’s possible that your quadcopter will ship with these options already enabled, as I’m not sure what the final configuration will be when the quadcopters ship.

feature AIRMODE

rxfail 3 h
set failsafe_delay = 5

set min_throttle = 1045
set motor_pwm_protocol = MULTISHOT
set small_angle = 45

set p_pitch = 50
set i_pitch = 80
set d_pitch = 45
set p_roll = 50
set i_roll = 50
set d_roll = 50
set p_yaw = 115
set i_yaw = 45

set rc_rate = 155
set rc_rate_yaw = 100
set rc_expo = 0
set rc_yaw_expo = 0
set roll_srate = 70
set pitch_srate = 70
set yaw_srate = 75

I swear to god it is a complete coincidence that all of the roll gains are 50.

If you want to explore a slightly softer and smoother tune, reduce yaw P gradually to as low as perhaps 70 or 80. At that point, I would personally feel the copter did not turn in sharply enough, but maybe you will like it better somewhere between 80 and 115. But try 115 first!