The QuadQuestions QQ190 Ready-To-Fly Racing Drone is intended for people who want to race, but who can’t build, or who haven’t learned to build (yet?). This copter could be perfect for a new pilot looking to get involved in MultiGP.

Assembly of the copter is simple: install the props, install the TBS Triumph antenna, and plug in an SBUS receiver. (Other receivers are also supported, but you’ll have to change out the pre-installed pig-tail cable.)

The copter’s electronics are: TBS PowerCube 2-in-1 BLHeli_S ESCs, Colibri flight controller, and FPVision OSD and vTX. The motors are T-Motor 2205/2400kv. Props are “Skitzo” branded HQ5x4x3.

The copter is available from: