WOOOO! X-Class Drone Racing is here 😀 Was fun to take the “Gold” in the first 1000mm class event of it’s kind! We’re already gearing up for the next event January 14th- a open invitational race! Will be posting more details soon as we finalize the location and track with the local AMA field this week!

Shout-out to Team Vondrone- follow their channel for more X-Class racing awesomeness! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sq0dI…

Big thanks to the pilot of the octocopter, Kevin Sellers – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxwn…

Special thanks to
Team Vondrone – http://www.vondrone.com/
Nathan DuCray @ Brown Falcon Productions https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCucF…
Werner Von Stein @ The Drone School in San Francisco
Kelvin Lam @ Vondrone
Justin Kelly @ Vondrone
Reiner Von @ Vondrone
Eli @ Team Autodesk
Noah @ Team Autodesk (Looking forward to racing you!!!)

The Amazing Equipment Sponsors:
http://rctimer.com for the
Trooper 850 Frame
4114 Motors
16inch 5×5 Propellers
45amp HV ESC’s
BeeRotor Flight Controller
and other electronics!

for the 5000mah 6s 45c Battery!
and a massive shout-out to Miguel at Tattu for giving up his free time and weekends to make this all happen- not only are they an equipment sponsors but they’re also in the trenches with local community making this sport happen! Massive props 😀

Big thanks to RCTimer as the primary sponsor of this ship! Powered by a Tattu GensAce – 5000mah 6s with a VTX from Team Black Sheep & Swift Camera from RunCam. Big thanks to the equipment sponsors for making this happen- ya’ll are the wind beneath my wings 😉

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and thanks to AirVuz! Catch more videos of this machine over there including the first unsuccesful flight 😀 Also go check out Drone Trippin on AirVuz for more of my crazy adventures 🙂 Will be posting some exclusive content over there! http://www.airvuz.com/video/585030f1a…

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