Product review: OnagoFly 1 Plus Drone Flight Test Palm-Sized OnagoFly 1 Plus Drone With GPS Auto-Follow and High Res Video Camera to Take Better Photos. Revolutionizing the drone industry by enabling users to take photos & videos from all possible angles, whenever and wherever.Rather than creating a drone with complicated settings and controls, OnagoFly 1 Plus believes in simple design coupled with ease of use to maximize the user experience.OnagoFly 1 Plus is the world’s first smart nano drone that has GPS auto follow, high res 15 megapixel and 1080p HD video camera that captures you in all possible angles. Also, you can race and control the drone by using OnagoFly 1 Plus app to satisfy your drone flying experience.

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OnagoFly 1 Plus Specs:
1. Smartphone control ,wi-fi connected
2. Smile tracking : Smile recognition (take pics when smile detected)
3. GPS : will follow smartphone that connected to the drone , and help the drone hovering in position
4. Resist 1.6-3.3m/s wind
5. 15M pixels photo and 1080P HD@ 30fps video
6. Wi-fi control 30 meters (hover when out of detectable distance)
7. Throw and fly (after choosing take-off mode )
8. no PIR(Passive infrared sensor) Obstacle avoidance

15 mins without recording a video while if it sync up recording a video it would fly for around 12 mins.
1080P HD @30FPS JPG and MOV
32GB SD Card (not included in the package)
weight: 208g (0.7 lbs)
OnagoFly 1 Plus has built in barometer that enables hovering by detecting pressures in the environment.
there’s GPS module in the in drone that can follow signals from the smart devices. With GPS module, OnagoFly 1 Plus can communicate through smart devices via wifi signal. By acquiring the GPS data from smart devices, OnagoFly 1 Plus can follow wherever the users go.
With the built in Infrared sensors on the 4 sides of the drone, OnagoFly 1 Plus detects obstacle within 20 cm, intelligent changing direction or hovering to avoid collision.

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