If ViFly get the PID tuning right and use a better camera, this “buy and fly” miniquad would be a great introduction to the hobby for anyone who’s starting from scratch.

I will tune the flight controller for rate/acro mode and publish the PIDs when I’ve done so but that camera really makes the FPV experience less than optimal on anything other than a perfectly sunny day.

– everything you need (except for video eyewear) in a single box
– super-tough (you aren’t going to break this easily)
– flies straight out of the box (in angle and horizon mode)

– it’s pretty heavy so flight times are a bit short
– the quick-start manual is fine but there’s no “in-depth” documentation
– the FPV camera sucks under anything but perfect conditions
– the tuning in rate/acro mode needs work

Bottom line:
So close to being the perfect “starting from nothing” introductory miniquad. If ViFly can address the shortcomings it would be a great option for anyone who just wants to buy and fly their first miniquad.

This unit was provided for review by ViFly

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