Shaastra team from IIT Madras with IDRL and Pinnacle entertainments created an amazing track which was totally unexpected. Wish I got better footage :X
Great times here, thanks for the memories everyone. Had a total blast meeting the team members who made with happen and the pilots of-course. Can’t wait to meet them again!

My primary quad didn’t have a usb port to change pids but it was still flyable, I wanted to get some footage for the team after all the effort that had gone into creating this event. So while I was doing a run during dusk just before the race it died in a crash.
My secondary quad which was built just in time to fly had major yaw drift issues that could not be fixed and was not tuned for a Gopro. While Murphy’s law was happening we managed to make the best of the situation with limited resources.

First round : I managed to get the fastest time in the event with 2:03 seconds for 3 laps.

Second Round : I put the Gopro on and that was a terrible decision which made me crash as it was way too heavy with a 1300mah graphene.

Things could have gone much better than they did.