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00:14 Review
02:45 Flight tests – onboard and awesome external SCREAMS!
04:12 Review continued (SETUP)
05:42 HD Cam mount (SJ M20)
07:13 EMBARRASING discovery (what’s wrong here?)
08:06 SPEEDTests on the field
08:23 2bladed DAL 50x45BN props
09:42 3bladed DAL 50x40x3 props
11:29 GPS Logger mini review
12:21 battery abused 2.6v/cell is a bit on the low side 🙂
13:34 BUILDPICS as a bonus

►Tech Specs:
Size (diagonal): 210mm (other framesizes available)
Arms: 3mm CF
Motors: ZMX V3 (now they have newer fusion motors)
ESCs: Aikon 30a
Flight Controller: SPRacingF3 with Cleanflight
Weight: 609gr (with SJ M20 and heavy 1300mah 4s)
VideoTX: Quanum 25-200mw
RX: FrSky D4rII

►►find infos on all my copters here in my Hangar:

GPS Logger:

Hangar filmed with:
Panasonic SD707 + ZoomH1 Mic
Samsung S7

Flight footage filmed with:
SJCam M20 / Foxeer HS1189

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Here We All Go 3 – Gunnar Johnsen