Smatree SmaPac DP3000 Backpack for DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Drones (Original Styrofoam Case, Batteri

I was suspicious when all previous reviews were all five stars but after using it I have given it five stars myself, here’s why:
1: I cannot imagine a more appropriate box to carry a phantom 4 pro than the styrofoam case that DJI send it in so a sack where this case simply slots into but with the added convenience of rucsac straps and an extra layer of tough nylon fits the bill nicely.
2: To open you simply unzip round the sack then open a velcro flap which provides access to the lock of the DJI case, unlock the catch and simply open the lid which stays inside the lid of the sack providing easy access to the phantom. You therefore do not even need to remove the styrofoam case from the sack.
3:There is extra padded space in the top of the sack for extra batteries or the padding could be removed to give space for anything else you might want.
4:There is also a pocket on the back of the sack for a tablet or similar sized object and also a mesh pocket on each side, each of which will hold at least one drinks can and probably two at a squeeze.
5: It is comfortable to carry and discreet as it has no logos or wording on it and although it looks a bit boxy very few people would know you were carrying a drone.
6: The price of around £60 compares very well with other far more expensive cases which I cannot imagine do a much better job than this does.