Currently Drones are mostly used to take videos of the exciting moments in your life. In future, Drones will be used in Racing.
A kickstarter campaign is running to fund for releasing such a racing drone named “Tanky “.
Tanky features a clean and aerodynamic design that allows it to hit top speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour and a remotely tiltable camera that lets you adjust the camera angle to keep the horizon in sight
The early supporters can get the Tanky drone for under $500.
The tanky drone will be delivered in March 2017.

TankDrone Founder Bogdan has answered below questions asked by students of Drobots company
1. How did you get the idea to build the drone? The shape is unlike
others I have seen.
2. How can it be so inexpensive?
3. What is the actual top speed?
4. How stable and easy to control is it?
5. What is the range of the drone (both distance and time)?
6. How long does it take to charge the battery?
7. Do you expect to meet your financial goals with kickstarter? Are you
looking elsewhere for investors?
8. How long is the battery life?
9. Is TANKY an acronym? For what?
10. How big was the team that built the first prototype?
11. Was the idea from one person or a team of people?
12. How does tanky handle in the wind?
13. How high can it go?
14. Is it waterproof?
15. Did you base the design on any existing aircraft or animal or anything.
16. Why did you want to build a drone? When did you get interested in
17. Are you working on other drones too?
18. How much does the drone weigh?
19. Would bigger propellers make a faster drone?

Get more details about Tanky Drone at and you can get it by supporting its KickStarter Campaign at…

Video / Images Courtesy: TankyDrone