Top RC is proud to introduce a new 280 class FPV racing quadcopter dubbed the “Kingdowin KDW280.” This ultimate racing machine is a quadcopter drone designed to deliver fast, stable and agile maneuverability, allowing it to compete on any extreme drone racing course.

Carbon composite materials are used to construct the frame providing high structural integrity. Every single part of the KDW280 frame is aerodynamically designed and specially structured to help maintain stable straight-line, fast, and predictable flight maneuvers. The tubular carbon arms brace the 2300KV motors on all 4 corners providing rigid no flex support. The SP Racing F3 flight control board handles all flight parameters including the 20a speed controllers. This enables the quad to fly at a high rate of speed zipping past your competition!

The Kingdowin KDW280 is housed in a durable sleek composite plastic race body shell system which delivers aerodynamic efficiency and reduces the overall coefficient of drag. The body shell also protects the electronics and camera system from adverse weather conditions or even your opponents rotors in case of race contact. The shell installs and opens up securely via a clam shell type of operation and clips together with an audible click – no tools required. The included 14.8v 1300mah battery is mounted securely in the center of the chassis and has movement range for larger or smaller batteries to achieve perfect center of gravity.

Upon opening the top shell you are greeted with a Sony Class CCD Camera. Out of the box you are able to record flight footage onto an micro SD card. FPV capable flight is achieved using the onboard transmitter (included) when mated to a FPV receiver system (not included). Clear and stable FPV video feeds help the pilot maintain better control of the quadcopter during a race. To provide a stable video feed, the KDW280 camera mount is mounted to a rigid system which allows the pilot to tilt for maximum viewing angle. The unique one-piece camera mount and damping system work together to isolate vibration from the FPV camera, providing a clear view for the pilot.