Turnigy Evolution Radio Best Remote Control for Drones
New Video from How To DIY Rc FPV hosted by Happy Flyer

Visiting the Hobby King Live Event in the Netherlands having a good Look at a turnigy evolution radio prototype Built to for drones/multirotor and not so much for Rc planes but it’s possible iff you buy the TGY-IA6B receiver That got S & I Bus, PPM and servo connections

The TGY-IA6C that Come’s with the radio got S & I Bus + PPM but don’t have any servo connections like the B version (links down below)

Do be aware the turnigy evolution don’t come with trim buttons you can only trim it in the menu but that’s not a real problem
They didn’t say when it’s coming to the market and we needed to wait 4 months before they released it

The feel from the prototype was unreal perfect for your hands and super lightweight without getting that feeling of cheap plastic

the Gimbals felt super smooth no vibrations shaking or sound giving the impression it’s one of the best and expensive remote controls of the Rc hobby at that time but….

They Changde the gimbals at their final product line and are NOT the same quality of the prototype we got at the hobby king festival sadly they didn’t sell it there

The good thing about changing the gimbals is the price drops Massive and with some DIY your able to change them out with the new FrSky M9 Hall Sensor Gimbal the best in the hobby and a lot more available than the Aurora 9 Hitec gimbals

For Sale at Amazon
Turnigy Evolution Radio https://goo.gl/RdqwmM
Kiss Flight Controller https://goo.gl/FAUUz7
FS A8S (1.8g) Receiver https://goo.gl/k1wVmp
FS X6B Receiver https://goo.gl/tFGktM
TGY IA6B Receiver https://goo.gl/rb5dC9
Extra Range Antenna https://goo.gl/tLD8AS

Buy at Banggood
Frsky M9 Hall Gimbal https://goo.gl/0OfWii
FS A8S for Sale https://goo.gl/SqgAhj
For Sale Spare Antenna https://goo.gl/qSRICU
Buy 20% Extra Range antenna https://goo.gl/EqbsCl

There is also a new Software update out for the Evolution the main difference you have on the screen is the menu looks different now you have a flight mode in the upper left corner and an Extra timer on the rights

There is also a third screen that shows your RSSI and battery Voltage
the other new features of the menu are an alarm delay for tuning the RSSI with your Battery Health

you also get 8 channels instead of five and with the new flight mode you can set to arm your quadcopter or drone and see on the screen that you armed it

That can come really in handy when you’re having problems whit your multirotor in the field and wonder if it’s armed or not? now you can directly see it on the screen iff it’s safe to pick it up

The extra time is a Throttle timer and works with your throttle value to make it run faster or slower and that’s a very good upgrade

Something we customers were asking a lot for and they tend to talk to the community and give us what we want for a very reasonable price that also includes a receiver in the package

providing a real good service for beginners in the Rc hobby that probably grow up with game consoles and love the feeling and clean looks of the radio

the new software is proven to be oke, no problems with failsafe or anything else just as good as the old version but a lot more options making flying micro drones, even more, fun using the FS-A8s flysky micro receiver!

This is happy flyer wishing you happy flying
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